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heart is in a happy state

How to ensure that your heart is in a happy state

With heart ailments on the rise it is a definite cause of concern. It appears to be a silent killer when you evaluate it with other diseases. It would be prudent on your part to choose the best hospital for heart valve replacement in India as some of the best cardiac surgeons are found here. But you can combat all these issues if you first and foremost keep your heart healthy. A series of steps are suggested by which you can keep the heart healthy as follows

Reduce the intake of salt

If your food is high on salt content, then you might be suffering from high blood pressure. This means that the possibility of stroke or heart increases. For children 3 g of salt is recommended and for adults it is 6 g.  You can cut down the amount of salt by not using it while cooking. Do keep on the food label in case of processed foods as they state the amount of salt. If you figure out that the food is high in salt content it is better to avoid them.

Cut down on sugar

If there is too much of sugar in your diet it can contribute to weight gain. At the same time it can pep up your blood sugar levels and lead to heart attack or stroke. If you have a sweet tooth opts for yoghurt or fruits instead of cakes or processed sugar.

Limit the amount of saturated fat

If there is too much of saturated fat like ghee or processed foods can lead to an increase in your cholesterol levels. Instead it would be better to switch over to low dairy products than the full fat ones. Instead of frying a product if possible grill it.

Incorporate more vegetables and sugar in your diet

You would need to increase the potassium levels in your diet by having at least five servings of fruits along with sugar during the day. The reason being potassium can reduce the levels of blood pressure in the body. In fruits or vegetables there are nutrients which would keep the heart healthy. There are certain types of fruits along with vegetables that are high in source of soluble fibre that can reduce the levels of cholesterol. Examples would include citrus fruits, mangoes along with most pulses and beans.

Increase the intake of fish

There are certain categories of fish like fresh tuna, salmon, sardines etc. that are high in source of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are really important from the view point of your heart as it reduces the level of cholesterol. If you are veggie you can obtain omega 3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil, flaxseed, and spinach along with pumpkin oil.

Cut down on smoking

The main reason for cardiovascular disease is smoker. If you are a smoker the chances of a heart attack doubles in comparison to someone who is not into smoking. The inner lining of the arteries is damaged via the medium of smoking but the levels of oxygen in your blood are reduced that enhances the level of blood pressure.

In case if you are struggling on how to reduce or cut down on smoking you can seek help from your doctor.

Eliminate alcohol from your daily life

If you are into excessive consumption of alcohol it can cause high blood pressure, there are going to be abnormal heart rhythms that is going to cause any damage to the heart muscle. It is better to stick to your current guidelines on what are the parameters of alcohol drinking. It is 4 for men and in case of women it is 3 at the most

Daily exercise is a must

Research once again showcases the fact that people who are inactive suffer from high blood pressure. In order to reduce the chances of any form of coronary heart disease it is suggested that you get 150 minutes of moderate intense activity based sessions during the course of a week. These 150 minutes can be split any time as per your like or any day you can do it. For example during the lunch time you can have 30 minutes of brisk walk every day.

The weight should be under control

If your weight is twice than the normal weight, the chances of high blood pressure doubles. The type 2 diabetes or cholesterol would be above the normal levels as well. You would need to cut back on alcohol and at the same time a strict no to saturated fat and less sugar. If you increase the intake of fruits along with vegetables, you can keep on loosing those extra pounds. In the long run shedding off those extra pounds would be a definite plus.

Keep the stress levels under control

In case if the stress levels are too high you are likely to smoke a lot. With little or no exercise, the chances are pretty high that you are going to increase the consumption of alcohol. Most of them are linked to problems of the heart.

There are various stress tests in the market level which will help you to ascertain the kind of stress you are suffering from. You can resort to the mechanism of combating stress as well. Just explore various ways on how to distress yourself because in the long run it can prove fatal.

To conclude any heart related diseases India appears to be the best place in terms of medical treatment. There are reasons why India has gone on to climb up the popularity charts. First and foremost the surgeons have years of experience behind them which means that the success outcomes are better with minimum amount of complications. Unlike the doctors of the western part of the world, the Indian doctors are way above the rest. They give a patient hearing to the problems of patients and then figure out what works best. They are not made about money.

Things to consume in the last weeks of pregnancy

Things to consume in the last weeks of pregnancy

As one enters the last phase of pregnancy and the baby bump becomes larger then one needs to become more careful on what step they take and what they eat. They need to be very particular about the nutritional elements that the baby us getting inside.

It is better to consult a proper dietician and get noted on what to eat at this stage of pregnancy and then prepare the third trimester shopping list according to that. When one reaches almost 29th week of pregnancy then they need a lot of fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and thiamine in their regular diet chart. Also at this stage one needs at least extra 200 calories per day. Here are some things that one can add to their food list.

 Fresh Fruits

 One should always munch on them has they have a lot of Vitamin C and also plenty of fibres. Take some strawberries, slices of kiwis, papayas and melons to have a bowl of snack on a regular basis. The Vitamin C will help the body to absorb more iron from food and it will keep the immunity system stronger. This will also help the placenta to develop properly.

Ham and tomato salad

It is a good idea to choose some slices of lean ham to get some thiamine boost for the health. One can add them in a plate of salad full of radishes, lettuce, tomatoes and sweet corn. This thiamine will help one to release energy from the food that one eats.

Lentil soup

One can add some cooked lentils to stews, soups and salad to get a dose of thiamine and have a fibre boost in their dish. When one is buying a soup they should check if that is low in salt and make sure to heat it well enough before eating them.

Seeds and nuts

One can go for some sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and walnuts for frequent snacking options. This can also be added to breakfast cereals, bread and cereal bars and they are good because they contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids. When one is choosing muesli then they should go for the ones which has no added sugar and then add some fresh fruits like raspberries and strawberries for some boost of Vitamin C.

Baked beans on wholegrain toast

There is a lot of fibre in this snack and it keeps constipation away. One also has a good energy throughout the day by having this.

Avocado salad

Avocados contain a lot of Vitamin C, fibre and Vitamin E as well. One can mix some walnuts with it and mangoes as well or orange slices. One can add a dressing if they like.

Yeast extract

This one is fortified with thiamine and some other nutrients. One can also spread a layer on tomato salads and on mashed avocados to have it.

One needs to be thus very careful when they are preparing pregnancy grocery shopping list third trimester. Each things has to be fresh and low in salt.

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What is “mop-up” round in JEE Main Counselling?

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a national level engineering entrance examination. Students who qualify JEE will be eligible to apply for mop-up round in JEE Main Counselling. This round is conducted if the seats remain vacant after all the scheduled rounds in JEE Main Counselling. So, in case students didn’t get any seat in any of the engineering institutes, don’t lose hope as there are chances that you might get a seat in one of the prestigious engineering colleges across India.  Continue reading

IIM Selection Process: Focus on Maintaining Gender Diversity

IIM Selection Process: Focus on Maintaining Gender Diversity

Every year, several lakh management aspirants appear for CAT (Common Admission Test), one of the toughest entrance examinations conducted across India. This exam is conducted for students seeking admission to the top Business Schools across India. When talking about the top B-Schools in the country, Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) stand right there at the pinnacle of management education. Continue reading

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Top Best Tips Finding a Hobby in Retirement To Enjoy Education

Aum knows people, even when he is a child, what they want to do in life. They are enthusiastic, train on their future and choose their profession. But not everyone is lucky. You may want to be a doctor, but you did not make it through advanced chemistry. Maybe you wanted to play football, so you ran into a £ 300 handle. Maybe you were not familiar with what you wanted to do, so I settled into a career that was available at the time, paid the bills and was satisfactory enough to keep you doing.

In retirement, you no longer have to work for money. Retirement is the time to stop the calm and start pursuing your passion. But what if you do not have a passion or do not know what it is? Here are eight ways to determine what you really want to do in retirement. Answer questions honestly to help find satisfactory ways to spend your time after retirement.

What parts of your career did you like and hate? Maybe you hate working in your office, but I love organizing and attending meetings. If so, your church or community center may be able to help you as a volunteer who organizes activities and flight schedules. If you love working with others toward a common goal, you may want to volunteer for a large institution. If you do not like traveling to work, think of hobbies closer to home. As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Story

what do you want to learn? Look for a catalog of your local adult education program or continuing education section of your community college. Read the course descriptions. You probably want to always learn more about history, yoga, technology or foreign languages. You may want to take a course, but even if you do not, this exercise can give you an idea of ​​where your interests lie and where you should focus your energies.

Do you like working alone or with other people? If you love to be part of a group, it is possible that you do not want to open your office at home to write your diary or spend hours in the garage doing the craft projects. Remember to schedule regular social activities or think about volunteering or part-time work that has a social component. If you enjoy the time alone, you may not want a schedule packed with volunteer commitments.

Do you like outdoors? If you do, you may want to consider moving to a warmer atmosphere where you can enjoy year-round outdoor hiking, kayaking, golf or tennis. You may be interested in joining a periodical that provides a competitive outlet or helps you set a goal to focus your activities. If you want to take a four or five mile trip to your local park, you might like to challenge hiking along the Appalachian Trail or Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Do you like physical effort or mental effort? You know you’re supposed to get some exercise, but be honest with yourself. If you are not already exercising, you need to arrange for the minimum amount of activity required to maintain your health, and then focus your energies on what you really enjoy. Perhaps you can walk before heading to the bridge or chess club, or take a yoga lesson after volunteering in the historic city community and also posts on free guest posting sites list.

Do you like helping others? There are many opportunities for volunteering to retire. You may choose to help older people with meals or transportation or teach children to improve their literacy skills. Ask in your church or community center, or check your local listings at

Do you like familiar places or seek constant change? If you live in one place throughout your life and have deep roots in the community, you’ll be happy to stay close to your home and aging in the place. But you probably have a long desire to go out and test some unknown water. You can rent a mobile home and experience a mobile lifestyle for a while or take a trip abroad to see if you like new excitement somewhere.

Test many hobbies. Take a photography course, go on a three-day camping trip or volunteer for meals on wheels. Pay attention to what catches your interest and does not leave you cold. Experimenting with various activities, especially at an early stage of retirement, can lead you to find your passion. And one hobby may not meet all your needs. You can mix with a walking group in the afternoon, then retreat to the quiet of your home to get around with a book, or Netflix, all by yourself.

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