How to light a Pellet stove.?

Pellet stove came in existence almost 40-45 years back, precisely the first pellet stove was invented in 1973 but it’s popularity increased in last 10-15 years. And the main reason for it gaining the popularity was increasing price of fossil fuels. As pellet stoves need pellets to burn which are renewable resources, it becomes convenient and cheaper to have pellet stoves. With two kinds of pellet stoves, i.e. self-igniting pellet stove and manually ignited the stove, one can choose any of them but both the stoves have the different style of working. While the self-igniting pellet stove can be started by itself you just have to light pellet and then hopper will do its work on its own. On the other hand, manually ignited stove needs a little work to get lighten up, and lighting pellet is little tricky work.

Now let’s see How does the Pellet Stoves Work:-

  • Lighting self-igniting or automatic pellet stoves:- If you are lighting the new pellet stove, all you have to do is switch on the bottom of the auger system of your pellet stove. In the automatic stove, the pellet is fed to burn pot automatically. You have to wait for the right amount of pellet to be in the burn pot and when you get that, switch off the auger system of your pellet stove. Now fire up the igniter of your stove, this will light your pellet stove automatically. Once your pellet got to lighten up, swiftly turn on the blower to catch the fire quickly. Now when the pellet is burning, it’s time to turn on the auger gain, so that it can replenish it again with pellets, so that fire continues to burn. Now turn on the convection fan and set it to the speed which gives and maintains the desired warmth for your room or your house.
  • Lighting Manually Igniting Pellet Stove:- In this method, you have to do things manually, first, you have to open the door of the burner pot and then fill it with pellets. Once it’s filled with the right amount of the pellets you have to add some fire accelerant product in it. Gel form or solid form of accelerant are considered as the best kind of fire accelerant. And one must always use the fire accelerant which is approved for the pellet stove. After this light, the fire with the help of wooden match then waits for some time so that pellets can get ignite properly if you will close the door sooner the pellets won’t get ignite as there will be less oxygen to get them to ignite properly. Now turn on the auger and let it feed the pellets automatically to burner pot from hopper. Now turn on the blower fan, it will allow the hot air to heat the room from open vents of the pellet stove.

Pellet stoves are most helpful during the winters and if instructions are followed properly then its really easy to use them properly.

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