What are the different types of purifiers that are used by people for different purposes?

What are water purifiers?

  1. Water purifiers are the machines that are used by people for the purification of dirty water.
  2. Water purifiers help in making the water clean and safe for drinking by clearing the impurities, killing the germs and removing all the chemicals from the water. There are numerous kinds of water purifiers that people use for different purposes.
  3. Purifiers are not only used for water purification. There are so many purifiers that are used for purifying air and are known as air purifiers.

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Things to consume in the last weeks of pregnancy

Things to consume in the last weeks of pregnancy

As one enters the last phase of pregnancy and the baby bump becomes larger then one needs to become more careful on what step they take and what they eat. They need to be very particular about the nutritional elements that the baby us getting inside.

It is better to consult a proper dietician and get noted on what to eat at this stage of pregnancy and then prepare the third trimester shopping list according to that. When one reaches almost 29th week of pregnancy then they need a lot of fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and thiamine in their regular diet chart. Also at this stage one needs at least extra 200 calories per day. Here are some things that one can add to their food list.

 Fresh Fruits

 One should always munch on them has they have a lot of Vitamin C and also plenty of fibres. Take some strawberries, slices of kiwis, papayas and melons to have a bowl of snack on a regular basis. The Vitamin C will help the body to absorb more iron from food and it will keep the immunity system stronger. This will also help the placenta to develop properly.

Ham and tomato salad

It is a good idea to choose some slices of lean ham to get some thiamine boost for the health. One can add them in a plate of salad full of radishes, lettuce, tomatoes and sweet corn. This thiamine will help one to release energy from the food that one eats.

Lentil soup

One can add some cooked lentils to stews, soups and salad to get a dose of thiamine and have a fibre boost in their dish. When one is buying a soup they should check if that is low in salt and make sure to heat it well enough before eating them.

Seeds and nuts

One can go for some sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and walnuts for frequent snacking options. This can also be added to breakfast cereals, bread and cereal bars and they are good because they contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids. When one is choosing muesli then they should go for the ones which has no added sugar and then add some fresh fruits like raspberries and strawberries for some boost of Vitamin C.

Baked beans on wholegrain toast

There is a lot of fibre in this snack and it keeps constipation away. One also has a good energy throughout the day by having this.

Avocado salad

Avocados contain a lot of Vitamin C, fibre and Vitamin E as well. One can mix some walnuts with it and mangoes as well or orange slices. One can add a dressing if they like.

Yeast extract

This one is fortified with thiamine and some other nutrients. One can also spread a layer on tomato salads and on mashed avocados to have it.

One needs to be thus very careful when they are preparing pregnancy grocery shopping list third trimester. Each things has to be fresh and low in salt.

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