A Smart and Easy Method of Slate Restoration

Slates are used in roofs, tile as well as in furniture’s. They are made of very fine-grained materials like quartz and hematite. They give out a sparkle due to the presence of these materials. You can easily polish slate but they can become very slippery. But if you are thinking about slate restoration, then the following methods can help you a lot.

  1. Clean the slate: If there is a layer of wax over the slate. Then you should wash it before you polish the material. Always use a commercial floor stripper for a slate restoration purpose. Put the stripper in the water and then wash the dirty floor with the stripper. Clean the unwanted debris with the help of a broom. If the slate looks very dirty then clean it with soapy water before polishing. Still, if there are some spots left. Then use an alkaline cleaner to remove them.
  2. Buff the surface: After cleaning the next important process in slate restoration is buffing. First, you should wet the surface before buffing. Otherwise, the floor can get scratches. Try to use a 200grit pad abrasive or a sandpaper to buff on a smooth surface. You can easily get these products from a hardware store. Rub the abrasive or sandpaper over the scratched area. Keep doing this until the scratches disappear or become less visible. Then rinse the floor and the abrasive to further remove any dust. Keep repeating with 400 and 600grit until it gets cleaned.

Always try to finish the buffing process with a 600grit abrasive. Keep buffing over the entire surface until all the scratches disappear.

  1. Create a glossy surface: You can use linseed oil to create a glossy surface over the slate. It creates a dark shine on the stone without causing much damage. You can also use a stone sealer to create a glossier surface. But they can make the floor very slippery during a slate restoration process. If you are using a sealer then first consider if they are safe for the stone or not. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer and let it dry for more than an hour. Let the floor rest for at least 24 hours before you start walking over it.

So, these are some smart and easy methods of slate restoration. Try to implement the steps in a proper manner to make your floor shine again.

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